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Don’t Settle for Your First Insurance Scope

Some people think that they have to settle with what the insurance company gave them for their home repairs.  These homeowners want to believe that the insurance company has their best interests at heart, but this is simply not the case in most instances.  Unless your insurance company is a mutual company, then their allegiance lies with their share holders, not their policy holders.

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Kleehammer!  They did not settle with the initial cost estimate sent by their insurance company, and thanks to the May hail storm, we had a chance to transform their home.  All windows were replaced with energy star rated, low-E models.  We upgraded them from a flat 3-tab roof, to a 30 year architectural roof with new decking.  And all of the old metal siding and fascia has been replaced with dent-proof vinyl siding that will never fade.

The best part of the whole process is that helped raise their initial insurance claim by 120% in order to repair their home properly!  This is money that their insurance company owed them to begin with.  Unfortunately 60% of home owners pass up thousands of dollars that they are owed when they try to handle their insurance claims without any help.

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