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Industry Consulting

Business Consulting for  Roofing Businesses of All Sizes

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  • An onsite and in-depth company audit of all 5 P’s to Roofing Company Management Success, and the Hail and Wind Team’s immediate and ongoing assistance in improvement of:
  • Purpose – Optimizing your business strategy.
  • People – Growing, Training, and maintaining a productive management team and sales force.
  • Production – Streamlining project production through systematized, standard operating procedures.
  • Profit Margin – Finding the money that is usually left on the table when when all of the other pieces are not in place.
  • Progression – movement or development toward a more advanced state, gradually and in stages
  • Money back if we don’t meet our 2 year, 50% guarantee.

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When Do I Need Consulting?

Sometimes it takes more than a phone call to set things in the right direction. Whether you feel like you’re in quicksand, or you just need a little boost to get to the next level, our management consultants can help you. There isn’t a consultant on our team with less than 10 years of roof sales and management experience, so you can rest assured that Hail and Wind can get you where you want to be.

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