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Replacement Cost Includes Profit and Overhead

Florida Supreme Court Says That Replacement Cost Includes Profit and Overhead By Steven Plitt | October 30, 2013 The Florida Supreme Court in Trinidad v. Florida Peninsula Ins. Co., 2013 WL 3333823 (Fla. July 3, 2013) held that replacement cost coverage was required to include overhead and profit in cases where the insured was reasonably likely to need a general […]

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I Know When the Hail will Fall!

Spring is here and the Oklahoma storms are on the way.  If you follow The Old Farmer’s Almanac, then you already know that the Hail and Wind are predicted to start early this year.  Late April and May are when it’s going to start, and June is going be crazy too! I know we are […]

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Oklahoma is 800 years behind….

An insurance adjuster for one of the largest insurance companies in Oklahoma told me recently, “I don’t care what the insurance policy says, if the city isn’t enforcing the building code then we aren’t paying to bring things up to code.” Why is this important?  Most of you homeowners are paying higher insurance premiums, to […]

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Cat Burglar, Identity Thief, or Worse? (how to verify the Roof salesman and the company)

The residential roofing industry is full of felons, alcoholics, gambling addicts, drug abusers and illegal immigrants. Why? It is considered to be a quick-money industry and is based almost entirely on subcontract labor. This means that the companies the salesmen represent are not liable for the salespeople’s actions. Turnover for subcontractors is so frequent that […]

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5 Months After Our Last Hail Storm

5 Months After Our Last Hail Storm… …..It is the middle of October.  The rain and the cold-fronts are here, and the holidays are on the horizon…..oh yeah, and your roofer went back to his home state (or his REAL job) even though he promised that “we are local now and here to stay”.   Sound […]

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