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Take your roof back to the stone age with a stone coated metal roof

Every Oklahoma Home owner knows the sinking feeling of hearing the hail start and wondering what kind of mess you will have to clean up when the clouds part. Knowing that you insurance company has got your back may relieve financial worries, but it doesn’t fix the fact that nobody wants the noise and mess of having to have a roof replaced!

Stone Coated Steel Roofing from Decra can make that sinking feeling virtually a thing of the past. This revolutionary new product combines the strength of steel with the weather resistant ruggedness of stone.

Since most of you are not roofing experts, we thought the specs would be less useful than a few frequently asked questions, but we could not resist mentioning that when tested for wind resistance, this product out performed every available wind tunnel. That’s right! They cannot manufacture a wind strong enough to gauge just how strong it is!

On to the FAQ: Many potential customers worry about noise with a metal roof.  This is one of the benefits of adding a stone coating. Customers report that the roof deadens rain and hail noise effectively.

You might assume that a metal roof would transfer heat into the home, but the exact opposite is actually the case. The roof acts as a solar barrier, and most home owners report lower energy consumption for heating and cooling!

Decra roofing also: poses no threat due to lightning, can be walked on, and may save you money on your home owners insurance.

Now for the biggie, cost! Yes, Decra roofing is one of the most expensive products to initially install, however, it is also one of the only to offer a class 4 hail rating, the highest available, saving you money on your insurance in most cases. In addition, the warranty of 50 years is the longest in the industry, with a 20 year materials and labor “replacement” warranty.  It is guaranteed against winds up to 120 mph, and penetration against ANY size of hail. Those factors, combined with energy savings make Decra the best value on the market over the life of the roof. Plus, you may never have to see a roofer again.

So, if you would like to get an assessment on your property for Decra, or any of our other fine roofing products, contact Greg at  405-923-3879

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