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Useless Roofing Contractor Registration Act

The State of Oklahoma Construction Industries Board sent out a press release on September 27th boasting that, “The Roofing Contractor Registration Act (RCRA) was signed into law by Governor Henry on June 10, 2010.”

During an interview with KSBI-52 an Oklahoma roofing contractor, Ralph Blewett, said “Anything that we can do to protect our Oklahomans against out-of-state companies that try to act like they’re from Oklahoma is a wonderful benefit.”

As an Oklahoma contractor myself, I do not share their enthusiasm.  In my opinion it is too little, too late.  Almost five months after the worst hail storm we have had in 50 years, most of those out of state roofers have come and gone.

According to the press release  “the bill creates a procedure whereby resident and nonresident roofing contractors are required to obtain a valid registration from the CIB in order to act as a roofing contractor in the State of Oklahoma.”

To obtain the registration there is a $300 yearly fee, the contractor must show evidence of liability insurance at least $500,000.00, and show evidence of workers’ compensation insurance coverage or exemption from coverage.

How does this protect Oklahomans from the out of state contractors?

Answer: it doesn’t do anything to limit out of town fly-by-nights! They can register too! Workers comp is cheap because these businesses sub-contract all labor.  And the fine of “up to $500.00” for not registering is less than a slap on the wrist to a company that is not paying state income tax.

This law is nothing more than a pointless state revenue generator disguised as a consumer protection initiative.

If the state really wants to protect Oklahoma home owners against out of state con artists, there needs to be a state license that can only be  obtained by passing a trade exam, and issued after a 3-6 month waiting period.

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