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What is Roof Maintenance?

The purpose of all roof material is to shed water and prevent the H2O from entering your house and causing problems.  All of the roofing  shingle manufacturers on the planet promise that your roof material will last 25 – 50+ years, but do they actually last that long?  What if I said, “yes they will”?  After you stop laughing….remember there’s a catch.  “With proper maintenance”, they will.

Do you drive your car mile after mile without changing the oil, or checking the tires (excluding my wife :)?  If you drove your car continuously without changing the oil or checking the fluids, after a while your engine would seize up and could cost $2,500.00 to $8,000.00 to replace it.   And a monthly $19.95 oil service at the nearest Jiffy Lube could have kept your car running well, indefinitely.

Your car takes you to and from work, but your roof continuously covers 90% of your most valuable belongings, not to mention your family.  The sad truth is that your roof doesn’t have gauges flashing in your face several times a day like your car dash board, so out of site is out of mind.  And a total roof replacement generally costs 10-12% of your home’s entire value (several thousand$).  Why wait until the last minute to be concerned?

Your roof is a just a series of sealants and flashings that wear out over time.  If they are properly maintained on a regular basis, then your roof can last up to 50 years.   This will not prevent hail from falling down and smashing your shingles, but large hail doesn’t fall near as often as the high winds pick up.  Wind is the number one cause of roof damage in America, and the wind loves to pick on the old, weak shingles with dried up sealant first.  With proper maintenance, there is much less of a chance for your roof to be damaged during a bad storm.

Caliber Roofing and Restoration has a revolutionary maintenance program that counters the common roofer’s philosophy.  About 9 out of 10 roofers will tell you that you need your roof replaced whether it is necessary or not….. that’s how they make 98% of their money!  Caliber has a completely different philosophy.   Not every roof has to be replaced, most just need some TLC, and Caliber has the experience and training needed to tell an anxious home owner exactly what is in their best interest instead of the roofing contractor’s best interest.

You can learn a little more about Caliber’s fantastic Roof Maintenance Plan by calling (405) 923-3879 , or you can visit

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