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Proven methods to increase your overall sales and profit margins.

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Maximize the potential of your sales
and production processes.

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Management Consulting | Industry Education | Sales Admin Training | Operations Support

37 Years of Experience

No amount of sales training and recruiting is sustainable without first optimizing your company’s administration infrastructure, operating procedures, and growth strategies.  We are here to make sure you are not only successful during your current season, but also in the long term.  Whether there is a good storm, bad storm, or no storm.
When an inexperienced or under-trained sales rep makes a mistake, it could cost you thousands in revenue, but when there is a management breakdown it could cost you millions.  The sales team is the blood of a company body, but it can’t go anywhere without the heart.  And nothing happens without the brain and a strong backbone.  Hail and Wind focuses on the Heart, Brain, and Backbone of your company so that the blood always flows.

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Hail and Wind is here to help you make more money with less effort, by maximizing your 5P’s.

Purpose, People, Production, Profit-Margin, and Progression. 

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What Our Clients Say About Us

“After continually working with Hail and Wind, we actually won an award for the 6th fastest growing company in our Metro area, even beating out Oil/Gas companies, and Advertising firms three times our size. ….after working with them I would have paid ten times what they charged.

– Heather R., Oklahoma, OK

417% in 18 Months

With over 37 years of experience in the industry, Hail and Wind has perfected techniques to help sales reps and business managers close the deal.  We provide training and consulting for businesses of all sizes.  Let us help you strengthen your sales force while increasing sales.