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Attic Breeze Solar Powered Vents!


At hail and wind we love to find new cool stuff that helps home owners live more comfortably, and save money, and this week’s product of the week is no exception! Attic Breeze is a leader in solar powered attic ventilation, and that’s about as cool as it comes!  They are made 100% in the USA, and come with the best warranty in the business.

Many home owners do not realize that their attics require a way to “breathe”. Without air circulation, no amount of insulation can keep your attic cool. The Attic Breeze fan units are self contained, wireless, and run entirely from a battery inside the solar collector unit. They come in a wide variety of colors to blend into most roof surfaces. The rugged exterior is built so tough, that Attic Breeze offers the only lifetime warranty in the industry!

One issue that can arise with other types of solar ventilation units is the “always on” mode that is set to start and run the fan when attic temps reach certain point. This evacuation of air can cause what is known as depressurization, a condition that exists when outflow is greater than inflow. Safeguards built into the attic breeze line prevent this. Wireless control units are also available for multiple fans, allowing the temperature to be set where you want it, when you want, and also allowing for settings that kick the fan into action when humidity is high inside the attic.

We work with Caliber Roofing here in Central Oklahoma to provide these and many other great attic products! Be looking for our attics and ventilation book coming out later this month! For a free assessment of your insulation and attic ventilation call Greg Cannon at 923-3879. Now is the time to fix it!

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