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10 Worst Insurance Companies in America

The American Association for Justice’s list of the 10 Worst Insurance Companies in America is an eye opening must read!

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With that being said, if you have home or auto insurance with Allstate, Farmers, or State Farm insurances, or you are thinking about buying it, then you should do some research first.  You may have noticed that these three companies have been flooding the market with television and radio commercials, and even online adds.

These advertising blitzes are reputation saving campaigns.  They are trying to revamp their image because these companies have publicly declared that their primary responsibilities are to their shareholders.  They will always place profits over policy holders.

The American Association for Justice’s list of the 10 Worst Insurance Companies in America is a comprehensive report of the worst companies and why.  It has extensive cited documentation to back up all of its findings including, “thousands of court documents, SEC and FBI records, state insurance department investigations and complaints, news accounts from across the country, and the testimony and depositions of former insurance agents and adjusters.”  It also describes the incentive programs initiated by these companies for their employees to limit payouts and deny legitimate claims.

Do keep in mind that the larger the insurance company is, the more policies they will write.  So a larger company will inherently have a larger number of complaints, but you will notice that there are several large companies that did not make this list.

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