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Who is Greg Cannon?

When you meet Greg Cannon for the first time, odds are he will be wearing either a straw, or gray felt fedora, depending on the season. As with all good salesmen, he can carry on a conversation about almost anything, but if you really want to see his passion, talk to him about home improvements, in particular roofing.

Greg’s introduction to the building trades came during Summer breaks in his Texas youth, when he spent time on job sites working in the family construction business. He developed a passion for seeing a job done right at an early age. That coupled with his love of tinkering with electronics led to a stint in the Navy as a computer network engineer aboard the aircraft carrier USS JFK.

After the Navy Greg settled in to take advantage of his GI bill, studying and earning two associates degrees in finance. It was during this time that the building trade called his name again. He was recruited to sell roofing for Accura Roofing and has been at it ever since.

When Trademark Exteriors decided to expand their business into the Oklahoma market, Greg jumped at the chance to help them, and took on the role of operations manager, where he still serves today.

When Greg talks about roofing, he lights up, and for good reason. His passion for innovation and new technologies has led him to become one of the most highly credentialed roofers in the Southwest. He not only knows how to sell a roof, but knows the products, the codes and the ins and outs of making a roofing system work for the client.

“When I approach a new client’s job, I am looking to see what’s been done in the past. I am looking for trouble spots, things that were left undone the last time, new technologies that we can integrate to improve the energy efficiency and structural integrity for that client. I want to solve their problem.”

With his two online entities, and, Cannon has positioned himself to become a consumer advocate when it comes to roofing, dealing with the insurance industry and energy efficiency.

“If people understood how much money they could save by having their home properly insulated and roofed….The way I see it, I don’t sell anything, I help people see potential savings in their homes, and find products to help them do it.” Greg smiles.

Greg’s biggest goal is to help home owners be able to afford their homes more easily, and in many cases he can help them cut utility expenses by up to 40%! While he admits that not everyone shares his passion for shingles, he points out that everybody likes more money. If you would like to talk with Greg about how he can save you money, leave a comment here, or on the Insulate My Wallet, or Hail and Wind Facebook pages, he’s always open to making new friends!

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