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Only You Can Save Planet Earth!

Okay, maybe that headline is a little bit of an exaggeration. After all, are we really sure it needs saving? One thing is sure, all of us should be doing our best not to add to the mess and conserving energy is one way to do that. If those arguments mean nothing to you, then hear us now, energy usage=money, less energy= less money. That’s what we thought, we have your attention now. Here are five things every property owner should have already done, and one thing to think about.

Have an Asessment Done

Yes, we know that some companies charge a little for this audit, but your utility companies will do inspections for free, and we offer free inspections. True energy audits require quite a bit of work and very expensive specialized equipment, but the cost will be offset in savings. What you don’t know may not hurt you, but it sure can cost you a LOT of money. Find out where your home is leaking money into the outside environment, that is the first step.

Seal the Leaks

Whether it is replacing weatherstrip, or doors and windows, the cost of replacing these things can literally save you multiple dollars a week, per opening, which means they will pay for themselves, this is not just something that salesmen say.

Seal Your Ductwork

Call your heat and air company and have them come out and seal the joints on your duct work. The current estimate is that only 75% of the climate controlled air your systems put out actually arrives at its destination. That’s a 25% increase in system efficiency, that’s right, 25% less air conditioning, or heating required to keep you comfy!

Add Insulation

Do it yourself, or hire a “guy” (leave a comment for more info on good “guys” in Okc) but make sure you have the recommended amount of insulation in your attic for your temperature zone. An estimated 40% of climate control loss is through the ceiling of your home. Proper insulation will not only keep you warmer, but cut down on your utility costs, and the maintenance required to keep up your machines.

Optimize Your Climate Control

Clean your air filters, have your machines tuned up, and consider an upgrade if your system is older. True, the cost of a new system is extensive, but it will save you money on utilities, and may increase the value of your property.

Consider Alternatives

Once you have stopped the leaks, and optimized your current systems, look at ways to take part of your consumption OFF the grid. This step should only be taken after your home has been optimized to minimize energy usage. These systems are expensive, and can take long time to pay off. There are some grants and rebates available for wind and power, depending on your situation. Ask your utility company for more details.

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