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Recipe for a Warmer Christmas!

Recipe for a Warmer Christmas

As the Winter weather starts, many home owners become acutely aware of how drafty their homes are! Christmas is supposed to be a season that warms the heart, but what about the toes? To make your Holiday as merry as it should be, and prevent complaints from those out of town guests, here are a list of things you can do to audit your cold home and make improvements.

Assess the Situation

If your heater is running too much, find out where your home is leaking heat. Start around doors and windows. To determine if you have drafts, light a candle and hold it near the cracks around your doors and windows. When the flame flickers, it is an indication of an air current. Make a note of all doors and windows that show signs of leaking.

Attack the Obvious

Replace old weatherstrip on the edges of your doors, and in the door frame. With new weatherstrip, you should not see light around the edges of your door. Do the same for window frames and the underside of lifting window sills. Home Depot and Lowe’s both carry a full line of products to fit almost any door or window.

Go for Big Impact

Start from the top and work down, since heat rises. If you do not have 11 to 13inches of insulation in your attic, this will make the biggest impact on a cold house this is where 40% of all heat is lost in the typical home. Floors are the second biggest factor. Check for drafts through floor vents, along the edges of walls and through cold floors. Adding rugs can help. The bottoms of doors, and in between the sashes of older windows other problem areas that many homes have.

Finish Repairs

To make sure your home is ready for guests, start with the biggest repairs first and work down the list, starting with the biggest heat losses. This will allow you to get the most done for your time and budget. If you intend to do the work yourself, do adequate research. Publishers such as Stanley and Black and Decker publish how excellent tutorial books and online articles. Do your research before going to the lumber yard or hardware store. Knowing what to ask for can avoid a lot of confusion.

Professional Services

We also free evaluations and estimates on repairs and upgrades in all of these areas for those who do not want, or cannot do the work themselves. Remember, a license or certification is no guarantee that a contractor is qualified, but it is a good place to start. Always ask for credentials and references when hiring home repair and improvement services. Contact Greg at 405-923-3879. Be sure to ask about our door seal special for $125. We’ll replace weatherstrip and adjust most entry doors for that price, some restrictions apply. Paint and stain touchups available for an extra charge.

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