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Finding Money for Home Improvements!

We don’t know about you, but it seems like this is the time of year when everybody’s bank accounts are tapped out. All your good intentions about not making Christmas too commercial flys out the window in a flurry of gift wrap and foil bows. We thought this would be a perfect time to introduce a few programs that can help you make the needed changes in your home by supplying the capital required to get the job done. There are a lot of options, we are only sharing a few. If you are not in central Oklahoma, programs similar to the local ones we mention probably exist in your community as well.

Trademark Exteriors Oklahoma City

Since we partner with Trademark, we have first hand knowledge of their financing program. Many other contractors offer similar deals, call around to find out about them in your community. Trademark offers financing on product and installation for everything they sell, from roofs, to doors, windows and siding. For approved home owners, they will install up to $40,000 worth of improvements on a one year, same as cash program with no interest. While they primarily service Central Oklahoma, they work in other areas as well, depending on the job. Call Greg today to find out if your project is a fit.405-923-3879.

City Grant Programs

Here in Central Oklahoma, there are several communities that offer no, or low interest loans for home repairs and improvements. Midwest City offers interest free grant money for certain home repairs and improvements to owner. occupants who can qualify. The City of Oklahoma City offers a similar program for up to $15,000 at 3% interest. here is more information:

Energy Star Tax Credits

The Energy Star program is a federally operated program that rates certain home improvement products and appliances for their reduction in energy use over other products. Home owners who install these products may be eligible for tax credits to help offset the cost. Visit this site to see if improvements you made this year can save you on your taxes!

Utility Company Programs

Through federal funds and matching grants, utility companies often offer incentives for energy efficient appliances, repairs and improvements. is a great site with a list of rebates and programs available in your area. Here is the list for Oklahoma:

Other Resources

If you are net savvy, try a search for energy rebates in your area. A simple Yahoo search yielded many pages of information. Read carefully before applying, since funds run out on these programs once they are used. If the program you want does not currently have funding, bookmark the site and come back after the first of the year to see if things have changed, or keep looking, there are a lot of good sources for savings on home improvement. Here is one more list for Oklahoma:

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