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Owens Corning TruDefinition Duration


New Owens Corning Duration Shingles represent one of the only true innovations recently introduced by a major roofing manufacturer. Their innovation comes in the new Sure Nail technology, featuring a Woven engineered reinforcing fabric along the nailing area of the shingle that provides critical reinforcement to the mechanical interface zone  an area that takes a lot of abuse during nailing. This fabric gives the brittle asphalt more flexibility, while the woven fibers help to prevent nailing through the shingle, and help it hold even under severe conditions.

 The Sure Nail design


The Sure Nail design is patented and only available in Owens Corning’s brand Duration shingles. In addition to added strength, this strip serves as a highly visible guide for proper nail placement, which is critical to shingle performance over the long haul. In fact, proper nailing is one of the factors in Wind Warranty claims. An improper nailing pattern can void your wind warranty.

True three layer lamination

This fabric strip also makes the Duration shingle the only shingle in the industry with a true three layer lamination, since the Sure Nail woven fabric strip takes the place of the traditional thin adhesive tape. This overlap area, normally featuring only two layers, is known as the common bond area. In addition to the fabric overlay, Owen’s Corning has also increased the overlap to create a wider common bond. In a survey of contractors 87% of those asked described the Duration shingle as “clearly better” in regards to nail pull through and wind resistance.

 Improved wind resistance

The bottom of every asphalt shingle has a strip of adhesive that lays on top of the nailing strip to seal the nail holes. Enhancements have also been made to Duration’s True Bond sealant. In combination with the new Sure Nail fabric strip, this improves the seal and attachment of the Duration shingle even more. This combination has improved the wind resistance of the Duration shingle to the point that Owens Corning offers a 130 mph wind resistance warranty, even with only four nails per shingle.


With every manufacturer giving their utmost to produce long lasting, highly durable roofing these days, we believe that Owens Corning has truly outdone themselves with the improvements available in the newest generation of Duration shingles. Call Greg Cannon at 405-494-0799 for free certified roof inspections in the Central Oklahoma area, or for more information on Duration roofing and other quality Owen’s Corning products.


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