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The Calm before the Storm

(Newser) – Summer storms continue to take a toll on East Coast: In North Carolina, a sudden violent storm struck yesterday, uprooting trees and killing three people. One 77-year-old man was killed when a barn collapsed while he was inside, and a husband and wife died after a tree fell on their golf cart, the Winston-Salem Journal reports. Dozens of homes were damaged by falling trees, two airport hangars were destroyed, and more than 16,000 customers were left without power.

And the death toll from Friday’s violent storms in the eastern US has been raised to 14, the AP reports. The search for one man, who went missing while boating off Maryland early Saturday, has been suspended. More than 3 million people were still without power in yesterday’s 100-degree heat, and officials are still saying it could be days before electricity is restored everywhere; cell phone and Internet service was also spotty yesterday and gas stations were closed.

Don’t forget folks, in Oklahoma, you’re always in the storm or the calm before, and be prepared! Here is our new guide to getting the best roofer/contractor when the storm does get around to us again! This is the best money you’ll ever spend on storm reovery.

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