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The Thunder Effect!

With the NBA finals fast approaching, we here in Okc are experiencing something for the first time, the attention afforded a city with a Western Division NBA championship team! It seems that everyone from the youngest B-ballers to those who have never really been sports fans before are getting in on the action, and it is a fun time to be a part of Okc!


As a local Okc business, we are glad to see a rise in civic pride. We love the economic development that brings more money into our economy, because we know that it will mean more business for us, but more importantly because it opens up a lot of possibilities for our future as a city.


So, what will we do with this new found fame? Part of it is already clear, from across the country more and more people are becoming fans of our team, because of their great attitude! We believe that this attitude is a reflection of who we are as a city. Now, we realize that not everything is great here, and not even all of the improvements are perfect, like for instance, can anyone please tell us what that funky bridge thing over the new I40 is supposed to be? But, let’s stay on track.


As the eyes of the nation and the world are turned toward us, let’s use this time to set a positive example as a city. Let’s not forget what made us a great place to live even before Katrina brought the Hornets to our “shores” and made the NBA takes us seriously. Lets make sure that what has sustained Oklahoma through so many tumultuous periods in our state history stays as it is. Let’s stay humble.


We are not talking about the false humility that comes from not being proud of who we are and lacking a cohesive identity. We are talking about the humility that comes from knowing that we are a great city, but that our greatness belongs to all of us, not just a few basketball players. They have joined an already successful “franchise” if you will on its way up!


So, when the Thunder Effect takes ahold of your business and hopefully improves things for you as it is for us, don’t forget to thank the little guys. Don’t forget your employees, customers, local media and all of your neighbors and community members that work to be decent, hard working Americans that give you the freedom to be great at what you do.


Even though not all of us are Thunder fans, we think we can all agree that most things in our city are getting better, but, we also want to encourage you to do something about those things that are not! Remember, four years ago, they were Sonics. Big things can happen here and do happen fast.


So, in closing, this week as we celebrate the Thunder’s success, pat your neighbors on the back as well for making this the kind of place that a team like this reflects, and don’t forget to THUNDER UP!

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