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Red Dirt Ready Part 1

Spring is here, and as we have witnessed, so is severe storm season here in Oklahoma. While we are accustomed to it, and may not be as nervous as newcomers, it never pays to be unprepared, so here again is our annual “Red Dirt Ready” checklist to make sure you are ready to stay ahead of the storm.

1st Have emergency water and food for your family.

2nd Prepare an emergency kit. It should include emergency blankets, flashlights, crank or battery operated radio and the like.

3rd Have a good first aid kit with guide ready.

For a full list go here:

Waterspouts over the Great Lakes.

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In addition to these steps, you should also prepare an action plan for your family, your neighborhood, and where you will go should your entire community be involved in a disaster.

If you do not have a storm shelter, one of your plan priorities should be getting one, or finding the nearest shelter with room for you and your family, and making plans to share it.

Remember to watch for signs of severe weather and take a moment to find out what the forecasters are saying. They can only keep you safe if you pay attention.

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