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Back in 2012 our company was in a rut. Two years after a major hail storm we kind of lost our momentum. Our debt was piling up and it seemed impossible to get out of the month to month rut. One year after hiring the Hail and Wind team and working with them at our office, our company hit a massive growth spurt. We increased our sales by 415%, and our percentage of the net profit increased by 12%. It may not seem like a lot, but 12% of $1Mil is $120,000!

After continually working with Hail and Wind, we actually won an award for the 6th fastest growing company in our Metro area, even beating out Oil/Gas companies, and Advertising firms three times our size.

At first it seemed like we didn’t have the money to think about hiring some fancy “consultant”, but knowing what I know now after working with them I would have paid ten times what they charged! We are more than pleased with the service, and that’s why we still subscribe.

– Heather R. / Oklahoma