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Manager/Owner Membership


Product Description

Up to 5 Subscriptions to the Sales Rep Package that includes:

  • Business email addresses (
  • Ability to have an additional phone line (different area code) ring to your phone
  • Integrated online calendars, and appointment scheduling
  • up to 30GB of online storage for file syncing and sharing
  • Sample PowerPoint presentations for iPad and tablet, or laptop
  • Discounts on Roofing sales Books, and tutorial videos
  • Up to 8 free hours of off site (remote) management consultation (per month), and an extremely discounted rate for additional time, 30% discount
  • Access to library of over ten years worth of management documents
  • 15% discount on on site consultation with the Hail and Wind team.

Why is this beneficial for a Manager/Owner?

Sales Reps can come and go, but you have to make things work. While you are wearing many hats, and trying to balance your office work with the sales and field work, Hail and Wind can give you the upper-hand. Starting out is stressful enough without having to try and reinvent the wheel. Along with our Sales Rep subscription perks you can utilize our iron clad contracts, O&P Guarantee addendum, or the closing rate reports and cost-per-lead calculator to name just a few. And support is just a phone call or email away to get instant help with a management task, question, or problem

A La Carte Services for Managers/Owners:

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