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I Know When the Hail will Fall!

Spring is here and the Oklahoma storms are on the way.  If you follow The Old Farmer’s Almanac, then you already know that the Hail and Wind are predicted to start early this year.  Late April and May are when it’s going to start, and June is going be crazy too!

I know we are all tired of our homes getting thrashed every year, but what can a homeowner do to fight Mother Nature?  The short answer is move to Las Vegas (no hail).  It sounds like fun in theory, but not very practical.  We have a short list of things you NEED to do prior to HailandWind season:

  1. Call your local insurance agent to review your homeowner’s policy.  Make sure you know your insurance deductible for Hail and Wind, and whether or not your policy covers the Replacement Cost of any storm damages.  You should also make you are insured to at least 115% of your home’s value to protect yourself in case, God forbid, you are affected by a tornado.  I can’t vouch for the way any of the insurance companies might handle your insurance claim, but if you need to speak to an
    Insurance Professional I have a list of exceptional local agents below.storm chasers
  2. Choose a trusted local roofing professional before the storms hit.  Oklahoma is one of the very few states that do not require a license to roof a home, or to even build a home for that matter.  Based on my experience the average lifespan of a roofing company in Oklahoma is 14 months, and by my count there have been over 1,700 new Roofing companies registered since last year’s tornadoes; not to mention the hundreds that migrate here from out of state each year because of the lax consumer protection laws. You can get the ultimate guide to choosing the absolute best and most established roofing professionals by clicking here. 
  3. Document the condition of your home both inside and out.  Caliber Roofing and Restoration of Oklahoma City is the only full service contracting firm that I know of that will give you a full 30 point exterior inspection of your home (and clean your rain gutters), while thoroughly documenting the inspections with video up to 4 times each year.  You can see Caliber’s Program by clicking here.  You should also make a video of the contents of your home with your smart phone.  Take a short two minute video of each room of your house and send them to yourself in an email, or store them on the cloud.  This documentation can save thousands of dollars and hours of headaches if there is ever a claim discrepancy with your insurance company.

List of links to exceptional local Insurance agents:

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