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Executive Coaching

A 9 week program for Experienced Roofing/Construction Company Managers, Executives, and Owners only.  This program is not for salesmen or people who are just thinking of opening a roofing and restoration company.  It is for people with experience in the business who want to break through to the next level.

Examples of the Topics covered are:

  1. Time blocking and productivity – Doing more while requiring less.
  2. Realizing your individual Strengths – Figure out why trying to improve weaknesses are a waste of time.
  3. Purpose – Optimizing your business strategy.
  4. People – Growing, Training, and maintaining a productive management team and sales force.
  5. Production – Streamlining project production through systematized, standard operating procedures.
  6. Profit Margin – Finding the money that is usually left on the table when all of the other pieces are not in place.
  7. Progression – Movement or development toward a more advanced state, gradually and in stages
  8. Delegating Responsibility – leveraging individual strengths to achieve your goals
  9. Continued Personal Growth – tools and exercises to continue learning and growing your business