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Company Overview


The Hail and Wind  team has over 37 years of hands-on experience guiding their clients to fantastic success, and has been known to increase our clients’ profit margins as much as 417% in 18 months. They focus on the following 5 areas:

  • Purpose – Optimizing your business strategy.
  • People – Growing, Training, and maintaining a productive management team and sales force.
  • Production – Streamlining project production through systematized, standard operating procedures.
  • Profit Margin – Finding the money that is usually left on the table when when all of the other pieces are not in place.
  • Progression – movement or development toward a more advanced state, gradually and in stages

The home improvement and construction industries are constantly changing, and Hail and Wind teaches Restoration companies to adapt and overcome contemporary obstacles through a combination of proven old school methods and new technological advances.

We Are Here to Assist You

Why Are We Beneficial?

If you are and independent sales rep you know the old saying all too well, “time is money”. Your membership to Hail and Wind will help you stay organized and consistent.  For as little as $19.99 per month, you can begin to see an increase in productivity and sales.

Need a Consultant?

Hail and Wind provides in-depth business consulting programs targeting key areas of your business and how to maximize overall sales.  An onsite company audit of all 5 P’s, Roofing Company Management Success, and access to the Hail and Wind Teams for  immediate and ongoing assistance in improvements and repairs.